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Protection from dust, particles, pollution, and germs
Anti-bacterial power
N99 filter-grade
Replace the filter any time
Connects into a breathing valve

The Clean, Healthy Air You Need to Thrive

Eliminate nearly all pollutants, allergens, and deadly pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Ebreath filters out 99% of these particles, leaving you with fresh, pure air you are going to love

Sleek Design

Who should use it?

- commuters (bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, bus, train, subway)

- frequent travelers (airports / airplanes)

- people who have asthma & allergies

- cyclists & runners

- outdoor enthusiasts

- sustainability-minded people

- holistic medicine & self-healing enthusiasts

- smart tech proponents

- welders / carpenters

What does it contain?

- eBreath mask

- 5 X Particle Filters

- 5 X silver ion filter

- 1 X valve - eBreath mask 

-1 X USB Cable

-1 X Portable Bag

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