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eBreath Mask V2

The first Anti pollution mask with a unique air ventilation system

Discover the Smooth Flow of eBreathFiltering 99% of particulate matter, bacteria, allergens, and smog, eBreathis a smart airpollution mask that features a multi-speed air ventilation system. You can breathe deeply,live comfortably, and enjoy all the pleasures of natural aireven if you are in one of themost polluted environments on Earth. Wear it anywhere and count on it to last for years.

- Designed and Engineered in Barcelona SP
- Blocks over 99% of PM
- Urban Breathing Mask silver Nano fiber
- Rflow® multi speed air ventilation system
- Valve with interchangeable silver ion filter + pack of 5 silver ion filters
- 5 replaceable N99 grade filter
- Carry case
- User manual